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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Faith Healing

Adapted from Life After Death, by Deepak Chopra (Harmony Books, 2007).

Faith healing brings together three domains, Akasha: Pure consciousness (God), a subtle event (prayer), and the physical body. The light so often seen by those who are healed is a subtle energy, which can also be perceived as an electrical or nervous charge in the body, a seizure, rapture or dizziness. In her book, The Healing Touch of Mary, Cheri Lomonte recounts the following story.

Dawn J. was a devout Catholic who as a young woman had prayed for a vision of the Virgin Mary. Soon after she left her parents’ house, she experienced an actual visitation. This created a sense of awe and humility; she hardly felt worthy to behold the Mother of God in the flesh. But Dawn came to feel that she had been chosen as a messenger.

Soon thereafter she was asked by a coworker to help with a personal matter. The co-worker was worried about his wife, who had begun to visit a house in the Bronx where a statue of Mary had begun to spontaneously exude scented oil. Dawn agreed to intervene and paid a visit to the house. When she walked in, however, she was greeted by the powerful scent of roses, and when she was shown the small statute, exuding a continual stream of oil, she became convinced that this was a genuine miracle.

Subsequently she paid several visits to the house, each time experiencing a divine presence in the scented oil. On one visit the woman of the house told her that the walls and furniture had now begun to exude oil, which she wiped up with cotton balls. Dawn was given a bag of these to take home. Sometime later she hears that the friend’s 3-month-old baby was gravely ill with spinal meningitis and had been hospitalized in intensive care. Dawn felt a strong impulse to use the holy oil as a health and she took an oil-soaked cotton ball to the hospital and gently stroked the baby’s spine with it. She left, and the next day was informed that the infant was out of danger. The doctor considered the recovery miraculous. Dawn attributed it to the healing touch of Mary.

The three domains of consciousness don’t merely overlap; they are actively involved with one another. The physical plane is represented by the statue, the oil, and the baby’s body. The subtle domain is represented by the vision of Mary, Dawn’s faith, and the divine presence felt in the oil. The domain of pure consciousness is represented by the divine itself.

My purpose here is to open the possibility that there is a unifying principle, the Akashi field, that embraces a wide range of phenomena.

Life After Death by Deepak Chopra

Source: Faith Healing

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